Local facilities

WiFi access

If you have internet access (e.g. on your phone)

Scan the QR code below or visit https://selfaccess.unimore.it and register with code vbzkw.

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia has joined eduroam. If your institution is part of eduroam as well, simply join EDUROAM SSID with your home credentials. No registration needed.

If you don’t have internet access

  • Join the WiFi network (SSID) UNIMORE.
  • A login page will pop-up. Click on the link emphasized in the image below.
  • Fill the personal information asked in the form. Please double check your mobile telephone number as your password will be texted there.
  • The code for the ELLIS Summer School on Large-Scale AI for Research and Industry is: vbzkw.
  • After registration, wait 5 minutes for a text message with your password. Your username is the mobile telephone number.
  • Return to login page and use the credentials you received.